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Traditional Thai Massage in Armenia


Traditional Thai Massage is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine, the others being herbal medicine and spiritual meditation. Traditional thai massage is based on the intrinsic energy flow and energy balance theory of health and healing.

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The goals of the Association in Armenia are:

  • Bring together experts and fans of Thai Massage 

  • Promote awareness and recognition of Traditional Thai Massage

  • Supply and control Traditional Thai massage in the proper skill level

  • Organize traditional Thai massage courses, seminars and training courses in Armenia and Thailand.

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Thai Home
Thai Spa
Thai Penthouse
Thai Penthouse


Thai Penthouse is a premium quality 

Spa center of Traditional Thai massage at 14th floor

with an amazing view.

Thai Penthouse
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Thai Home provides Thai Massage by Thai Specialists

Thai Home is providing family atmosphere trying to ensure a complete comfort and rest for the couples giving them the opportunity to take massage sessions together.

There you can choose among the variety of massage types the one that fits you perfectly at the moment according to your mood and desire. After relaxing and refreshing massages the friendly employees will serve you traditional Thai tea with different tastes. You are always welcome to enjoy the hospitality and authentic Thai Home atmosphere.


Foot Massage
Thai Massage
Herbal Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Oil Massage
Four Hand Massage
Nirvana Massage
Aromele Candle Massage
Thai Massage Delivery


If you are not willing to come out from your home or you are too busy with your work, but really need a rest, You just need to order traditional Thai massage by Thai specialist to your home, office, hotel room or wherever you are.


The specialist will get to your place with all the necessary supplies, including our comfortable mattress for Thai massage.

Unique Gift Cards


Eco friendly gift cards are made exclusively from different types of natural wood and they are entirely handmade. Each one is unique and different by itself. You can mention on the card the type of massage you have chosen or the amount of money.


You can get them from Thai Home as well as they can be directly delivered to you or to whom they are presented. 



2 Paronyan street 

Yerevan, Armenia

Tel:    +374 10 532760

Mob:  +374 91 532760

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